Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silent Hill 2 Movie in 2011

The pyramid head butcher from Silent Hill is gonna freak me out again: Sony Pictures has indeed ordered a movie sequel to Silent Hill!

Scriptwriter Roger Avary is back to pen the script of this new Silent Hill movie. And producer Samuel Hadida is also keen at coming back to work on the sequel.

But we don't know yet if Director Christophe Gans will helm Silent Hill 2. And no word about Radha Mitchell reprising her role. In the first Silent Hill movie, Radha Mitchell played the role of an anxious mother looking for her daughter in an evil town atop a hill. At the end she was like prisoner of a strange parallel dimension.

Would be nice to see Silent Hill 2 picking up from there. But nothing sure, could be a new story or something closer to one of the video games.

Anyway, let's hope that the pyramid head butcher will be back in the movie Silent Hill 2!